Room is a not-for-profit artspace showing contemporary art by international New York-based artists.

Room is dedicated to the memory of Robert Hughes; and commits to maintaining his critical legacy.

The basic project of art is always to make the world whole, and comprehensible: to restore it to us in all its glory and its occasional nastiness, not through argument, but through feeling; and then to close the gap between you and everything that is not you, and in this way to pass from feeling to meaning. It's not something that committees can do: it's not a task achieved by groups or by movements; but by individuals, each person mediating in some way between a sense of history and an experience of the world. - Robert Hughes 1980

Room is located in Greenpoint at 824 Manhattan Ave, a little north of Calyer, by a Bank of America, on the 3rd floor above an attorney's office. For access call 646-269.7056.

Room hosts a new exhibition each 4 - 6 weeks, with an opening reception on the 1st or 3rd Friday of the month 7-10pm, viewable by appointment for 2 weeks thereafter. 

The current exhibition is of paintings by Warwick McLeod. The exhibition following is of recent paintings by Bastian Börsig.

Please contact us to receive notifications of receptions, or to set up appointments to view exhibitions.


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