Bastian Boersig room

Online Presentation. Recent Work by Bastian Börsig

November-December 2021

Recent paintings by Bastian Börsig in charcoal, oil, and varnish on canvas.

daniel sparkes room

Online Presentation. Recent Paintings by Daniel Sparkes

July - August 2021

Through his depictions of what he calls ‘Spoof Monuments’, Daniel Sparkes creates a thematic oddball merger in oil paint and graphite. 

warwick mcleod room

Spot Time: Recent Paintings by Warwick McLeod

January 18th - February 22nd 2020

Recent paintings by Warwick McLeod

Curated by Michael Crockford

Sky Pond/Fossil Lake: Recent Paintings by Anthony Miler

January 3rd - 13th 2020

Recent Paintings by Anthony Miler.

Curated by Anthony Miler

Mostly Paper and a Ham: Recent Paintings and Drawings by Dan Schein

November 15th - December 1st 2019

Recent work in oil on canvas, graphite on paper, watercolor on paper and mixed media on paper.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

birds make people smile room

Birds Make People Smile: paintings by Anthony Miler, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, and Farshad Farzankia

October 19th - November 3rd 2019

A three-artist show of paintings, on canvas, by Anthony Miler of Queens, NY; on papyrus, by Kimia Ferdowsi Kline of Brooklyn, NY; and on paper, by Farshad Farzankia of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Curated by Mason Saltarelli 

Arrhythmia: Paintings by Austin Furtak-Cole and Carlo D'Anselmi

16th August - 8 September 2019

A two-person show, of recent paintings by Austin Furtak-Cole and Carlo D'Anselmi.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

Passing Strange Lars Bang Matthew Couper Lorene Taurerewa Room

Passing Strange: recent paintings by Lars Bang, Lorene Taurerewa, and Matthew Couper

16th - 30th November 2018

Folklore, politics, and psychology combine in an exhibition that explores the ambiguous, menacing, dreamlike, rational and irrational layers of each artist's personal narrative.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

Caviar Wishes and Champagne Dreams: recent work by Jay Miriam and Ryan Schneider

October 26th - November 9th 2018

A cupcake, snake, observers, the observed and a solitary owl. Caviar Wishes and Champagne Dreams is a culmination of works on paper, wood and canvas by artists Jay Miriam of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY and Ryan Schneider of Joshua Tree, California. The majority of work included was created away from the artist's studios. Miriam's women grew from her summer travels across Europe. Schneider's creatures and characters blossomed during August in Chatham, NY, while residing at the Macedonia Institute.

Curated by Mason Saltarelli

rob mcleod room

Recent Paintings by Robert McLeod

5th - 21st October 2018

Sculptural paintings in oil and enamel on shaped plywood.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

selwyn rodda room

Fables For Survival: recent paintings by Selwyn Rodda

May 26th - June 5th 2018

Paintings in oil on board and on canvas. 

Selwyn Rodda is a painter from Australia. His paintings explore the relationhip of people to each other, to land, and to history.

Curated by Lorene Taurerewa

Biceps: recent paintings by Bastian Börsig

9th-25th March 2018

Paintings in oil, lacquer, and charcoal on canvas.

Curated by Lorene Taurerewa

Recent Paintings by Warwick McLeod

29th December 2017 - 26th January 2018

Paintings in oil on canvas and watercolour, gouache, tempera, crayon and oil pastel on paper.

Curated by Ann Parker

The Proofs: artwork by Mark Baskett

1st - 21st December 2017

Drawing on times both recent and distant, and shifting too with respect to place, the subjects and themes to be found in this work are caught in an ever-widening web, where strands reach out from the domestic and the familiar to join with events from a broader moving world.

Mark Baskett is a conceptual artist, working with the interplay of sculpture, image, and text.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

rob mcleod room

Small R.A.G Paintings by Robert McLeod

11th - 31st September 2017

Small paintings in oil and enamel on wood.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

Collage and Sculpture by Tom Bevan

4th - 21st August 2017

Belfast and Brooklyn artist Tom Bevan pieces together evidence to search a mental map of marching orangemen and vedic priests, comic-superheroines and street-taggers.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

bob seng lisa hein room

Fat City: an Installation Performance by Bob Seng and Lisa Hein

10th-12th February 2017

“Fat City” refers to “Drop City”, TC Boyle’s novel about an idealized hippie future, where technical regression turns into a struggle for survival. The artists begin with a gallery, stripped of everything but its lights, and ask, “What would it take to light this space without them?” As haplessly as Drop Citizens, Hein and Seng challenge themselves to fuel a lamp from foraged natural sources. Boiling wax and grease, they succeed in primitive fashion, but also question the wisdom of forcing history backward.

Curated by Bob Seng and Lisa Hein

valerie bos room

Fragments: paintings, installation, and video projection by Valerie Bos

3rd-5th February 2017

The transformative power of nature and the imagination tussle playfully to create images and objects which become something other. Found objects that have been tumbled and tossed out by the sea - nature’s version of a ‘ready-made’- have been dematerialized and then rematerialized into other materials and medium. What is real, virtual (real or unreal?) and imagined are juxtaposed against each other using both traditional materials of a painter and newer digital technologies.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

lorene taurerewa room

Out on the Lonely Prairie: paintings, drawings, and installation by Lorene Taurerewa

28th-31st January 2017

Recent drawings in charcoal and ink on paper; paintings in watercolour on paper; and watercolour cut-out figurines in tabletop assemblage with found toys.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

warwick mcleod room

Old & Young Pretender: paintings by Warwick McLeod

20th December 2016 - 27th January 2017

Recent paintings in oil on canvas; oil on paper; and watercolour, gouache, tempera, crayon and oil pastel on paper.

Curated by Matt Couper

matthew couper room

In Memory of Water: Paintings by Matthew Couper

6th-10th December 2016

Responding to current water issues in the Southwest of the USA, New Zealand-born, Las Vegas-based artist Matthew Couper draws our attention to symbols of contemporary cultural malaise - the bombardment of information overload, and the urgent need for decisions pertinent to our survival to be made while time is running out.

Curated by Matthew Couper and Jo Russ

Tom Bevan room

Objects to be Handled: sculpture by Tom Bevan

August 19-21 2016

Sculptural objects in wood, card, paper, papier mache, and found materials. Tom Bevan is a sculptor and ceramicist from Belfast, Ulster.

Curated by Tom Bevan

Roy Williams room

Curved Universe: artworks by Roy Williams

July 15 - 17 2016

Sculpture, paintings, prints and installation. Roy Williams is a conceptual artist from Brooklyn, NY.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

warwick mcleod room

Doors of the Otherworld: two polyptych paintings by Warwick McLeod

January 11-18 2016

A show at Brooklyn Fireproof in Bushwick. Two narrative polyptych paintings, a sculptural installation.

Curated by Thomas Burr Dodd


lorene taurerewa room

Life In A Box: drawings by Lorene Taurerewa

February 12 - 19 2016

Drawings in ink on paper and crayon on paper, and watercolors.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

rosie lascelles room

Remains of the Day: paintings by Rosie Lascelles

November 6 - December 6 2015

Rosie Lascelles is a young emerging artist based in London. Her work evokes light fading on an imperial age, in pools of quirky ironies and strange harmonies, adrift in out of the way places on the edge of a receding era. Her impressions have been taken from extensive travel in South Asia and the Tibetan Plateau, and a recent residency in Nepal.

Curated by Warwick McLeod

room artspace nyc

Monkey See

November - December 2014

A 5-person show at Tabla Rasa in Sunset Park Brooklyn, NY; exhibiting paintings by Lorene Taurerewa, Matthew Couper, Rob McLeod, Warwick McLeod and Mason Salterrelli.

Curated by Warwick McLeod and Lorene Taurerewa